Thursday, April 5, 2012

NYC Day 2

Quintessential NYC

            Food, food, food – why is it everywhere I go it’s about the food.  But it is those food experiences that are making this trip fun.  After a mediocre dinner last night – I got it right today.  On my way to my first day of conference I found a little place in Time Square called Café Bene.  A bit of pre-made pastries, juices and a coffee bar – but what brought me in was the smell of the waffles.  Café Bene has a waffle menu that makes your mouth water.  I had mine with strawberries and cream cheese served in a cute to-go dish.

            I know I had mentioned that I was hoping to meet some great folks in class, and I did – my small group of four is a smart bunch of ladies – so we found a little ‘fast-casual’ place that did pasta dishes to order for lunch.  Pax wholesome foods had great variety and service.  I had lunch with two of my classmates, who were locals, so at the end of the day they scattered home, leaving me to trek it alone.

            What is more New York City then a Broadway show and a slice of pizza?  After class I wandered around the neighborhood some more, bought a super cute coat and then located my theatre.  Then it was off to find a slice of pizza.  On the corner of 40th and 7th was Labeleca, catering to the theatre goers, this idyllic little shop serves great thin crust pizza, fold it in half and enjoy!  Great taste and NY atmosphere. 

            My first Broadway show was wonderful.  The Nederlander Theatre on 41st is a quaint old theatre house with lots of hardwood and not a bad seat in the place.  I splurged on a seat in the orchestra.   No curtain was dropped, the amazing set for Newsie’s was out in the open.  During the buzz and anticipation for the show to began, I was shocked when I saw comedian (and Celebrity Apprentice star) Lisa Lampanelli strolling up the aisle and visiting with fans.  Lending itself to that NY experience.  A celebrity in an unexpected yet normal place.

            The lights went down, the music began and the Disney production unfolded before me.  The singing and dancing were even better then the movie (the movie spawned the stage show.)  They included a few new songs, needed to fill the show and carry the changes in the script.  It was fantastic.  I have loved Newsie’s since my friend Ally told me about years ago – and to have it come to life in front of me was amazing.

            So, I have only full night left here…. What will I do with my evening, what food will I find?

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