Monday, April 23, 2012

Comic Books, Movies and Zombies!


Boston Comic Con
& the Attack of the Atomic Zombies

The Offical Movie Poster

Take six friends, add in strangers dressed as superheroes, toss in a standing room only crowd of indi-film lovers and you end up with a fantastic weekend!

Last fall I had the privilege of  getting involved with Butterfleye Films on their first independent film, Attack of the Atomic Zombies, a black n white, all improvised love-letter to the great sci-fi monster films of the ‘50’s and 60’s.  This past weekend AotAZ was the one and only independent film shown at the Boston Comic Convention. 

This was my first ever “Comi-con” and it was quite the experience, though I was there to help draw an audience to screen our movie, help sell DVD’s and spread the word about this awesome film company – I was also there for the adventure of going to a con.  If you have never been to a Comi-con, it is a place for sellers and buys of comic books and all things related to get together in one place, artist to meet their fans, and also a chance for hard core comic book fans to dress up as their favorite character and show off their costumes. 

Jason & Mr. T go at it in the lobby

I got to see a dozen Batman’s, Wonder Womans’ and super heroes I did not know.  But also I got to see guys dressed up as Kiss, The Ghost Busters and various Star wars / trek characters.  These folks get into it for sure.  I didn't even know that the A-Team had a comic book, or Jason from Friday the 13th.

Two Face and Joker
in front of the
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

On Saturday our movie ran at 3:30, we had three of our lead actors there promoting the event with us as well as the director!!  By 3:20 it was a full house and by show time, folks were finding places to sit on the floor.  All the flyers we passed out and chatting we did paid off.  Tony, our films creator and director introduced the movie to the first crowd of strangers to ever see it.  Tony, Brian (our guy who can build ANYTHING ) and myself stood in the back of the room like expect parents as the crowd began to laugh in all the right places.  They cheered for the good guys, booed the evil scientist and melted for the love interests. 

And as if Saturday’s crowed didn’t enjoy the film enough… Sunday’s crowed was even better!  Standing room only again with true b-movie enthusiasts that really “got” what we were trying to get across.  Folks bought copies of the movies to take home and we even sold some to folks who couldn’t stay for the film but really wanted to see it.  All in all, it was a huge success!

Some of the Cast and Crew...
Andrew: Dr. Harry Housen,  Steve:  Sheriff Ed Wood,
Allyson: Gale Arden,
Tony: Director  Brian:  Special Effects and more

I really enjoyed seeing all the dressed up fans, watching the artist work and most importantly spending time with my friends.  We had great conversations, shared some good meals, stayed up WAY too late while we laughed… a lot.

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