Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deep in the heart of TX

Road Trip Day 1-3

Lions, Alamos and Dinos... Oh My!

H-O-T... wow, for a girl who lives in a state where the weather can change at the drop of a hat, it is the heat that has kicked my butt down here.  When we left CT it was 75, we landed in a steamy 102 San Antonio, but that was not going to slow us down from seeing the sites and taking in all that South East Texas has to offer.  What was going to slow us down though was a snafu at the car rental place.  We (that would be Heather - a life long travel buddy of mine; and Keith - a first time with me, road tripper - but by dearest friends though)... So we, had to take about two hours to sort out a car rental problem.  But once we were done, our Town and Country with stowe and go seating was orginized and packed.  We put down all but one back seat, stowed into the floor.  We hit Target and loaded the car with a cooler full of water and a bin full of snacks!  Off we went.

So we spent our first HOT Texas evening enjoying what is called the Riverwalk.  A winding river path through the heart of San Antonio.  For $8.25 you can take a narrated shallow boat ride through the cannels and hear the history of the city including massive flooding and the '63 Worlds Fair.  The most predominate reminder of that fair is the massive Tower of the America's.  One of those awesome round buildings sitting on top of a needle that now rotates and you can view the city from.  Walking along the river past all the shops and restuaurnts was great.  Mariacci bands dotted the walk area.

Monday brought us another HOT sunny day that we started at a Zoo.  When they say things are bigger in TX, they are not kidding, black bears, komoto dragons, elephants - they were all HUGE.  One of the better zoos I have been too as there were a great variety of animals and lots of shady places to enjoy them.

Off to the most famous site in San Antonio.... the Alamo.  I have to admit, I didn't know much about when I got there but there was so much to learn.  It is a National Historical site and like Pearl Harbor, it is a National Shrine to those who died there.  A sacred place.  You can still walk through many areas of the forte and many of the limestone walls are still standing around the city.  But in true American fashion, we have turned the area into a tourist trap.  With in those limestone forte walls, you can find a Ripley's Believe it or Not, a Wax Museum, A 3-D movie adventure and more.  We did enjoy Ripley's and the Wax museum.  

Next to our hotel was a great fast food chain call Whataburger.  But not typical fast food.  Yes, you order at the counter, but your food only starts to cook when the order is placed, then they bring it out to you with a condiment tray and refill your sodas for you.  Fast food meets fast casual.

Tuesday took on us on the first real driving leg of our trip.  Keith took the wheel and started us to Houston.  Our first stop, "Buck-eeys".  This amazing truck stop that had signs for miles ahead drawing you in.  Once we got there we were not disappointed.  Local candies and gifts, a massive deli, blankets, hats, clothes, souvenirs you name it - they had it.  We picked up deli grinders for lunch.

Off to NASA.  That place is great - we at lunch in our van in the parking lot before going in to see wonders of man and our vision and ability to reach for the star.  Very cool.  The narrated tram tour was worth it and the air conditioned play-museum was fantastic.  Rockets, rocks, simulators and more make for a great way to spend the day.

NASA is on the outskirts of Houston so we headed back into the city late where we hit a massive rain storm, but it dropped the sticky heat down to 75, so it was great.  We hit the Houston Natural Science museum that had a brand new Peleo exhibit.  Set up more like a fine arts exhibit, but very cool.  Dinosaur skeletons were displayed in scenes together, with paintings on the wall behind acting out the scene.  Very cool.

A few long hot days, but a great taste of Texas for sure.  Today we leave for Louisiana.... what fun will we find?  Keep you posted!


  1. Great start !!! I know u will enjoy !! Be safe .. Edith

  2. I have always wanted to see nasa. so cool


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