Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Count down: 2 months to go...

Planning my Summer Road Trip

So this summer I will be taking a road trip.  A two week drive from TX to CT.  2000 plus miles of America, most of which I have never seen.  This trip will bring me to NINE new states and will bring my US state count to 36!!  So we (my two good friends and I) will be flying to San Antonio then renting a mini-van and seeing some sites throughout the great Southern states.  Now, a one way air ticket and one way car rentals are very pricey, so I have to find a way of cutting costs on this trip.  That involves a lot of time on the computer looking up cheep, free and interesting thing to see and do.
Sometimes I just Google “Cheap and Free in….” or “Top 10 free things in…”  I get lots of great tips and ideas.  Museums are often free one or two afternoons a week.  Parts of places may also be free, such as a historical home might charge for a tour but their grounds are free.
One of my favorite websites for a road trip is “Roadside America”.  Ever wonder how to find the world’s largest ball of twine or a shrine to Jon Bon Jovi… this is the site that has it all.  You can even put in your location and it will tell you what is near you – you may not even know that you are only 5 miles from a haunted cemetery or a backyard orphanage of exotic animals!!

As I work on pulling this trip together I will share with you some great finds and tips on how to pull a road trip adventure like this together.  I will be going to:  TX, LA, MS, AR, TN, AL, TN, KY and WV.  If you have any suggestions of things I might be able to fit into this adventure, I’d love for you to share with me!!

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