Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mark Twain House


“Get A Clue”
Live-Action game at the Mark Twain House

Who dun it?  With what?  In what room?  The classic board-game of Clue has come to life at the Mark Twain house.  Last Thursday two friends and I were on the first ever “Get a Clue” tour that took you through an evening of literary mayhem, murder and intrigue.   Between a cast of suspects (provided by Hartford’s own Sea Tea Improv,) a house that embodies the game-board from Clue and 16 sleuths, this hour long “tour” could not miss. 

Starting in the Hall, the scene is set, Pap Finn has been killed and classic Twain characters are suspects, during the course of the hour we meet people like The Prince (or the Pauper), Becky Thatcher, Queen Morgan Le Fey, Huck Finn and more.  If you have ever taken the house tour you might have seen a door under the main stairwell that no tour ever gets to open.  On this unique adventure you get to go through that door, down to the basement of the house and explore a part of this historic home rarely seen by visitors.

Guided, room by room, by a museum docent we visit the Kitchen, Billiards room, Conservatory, Dining room, Drawing Room and more.  In each room you are encouraged to make accusations to find out the killer, the weapon and the space the crime took occured.  Each story-book character can confirm only two facts and if you pay close attention, you will be able to get to the bottom of this crime. 

The improv actors not only brought Twains' characters to life, but also entertained the guests.  Once we worked our way through all the rooms we went back to the museum wing where we gathered to discuss our conclusions and the folks with the right answer were given prizes.  Among my friends, one was cleaver enough to string all the clues together.

I hope this becomes a regular event at the Mark Twain house; it is a great way to see this historical home, meet some great loved characters and spend an evening with friends.

This is the view from the museum to the House


  1. Like..historical fun !!

  2. This was a great night of fun and mayhem. Sea Tea did a fantastic job of embodying the Twain characters, and it was so neat to see those parts of the house that are never open to the public. Let's hope there's an encore performance!


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