Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Morbid? Maybe...

Did you know??


This famous New Orleans Cemetary sprawls throuh the
Garden district, tours available.

Want to learn more about a city you are staying in?  Check out their local cemeteries.  You can learn about the history, art and religion of an area.  Find local (and famous) celebrities and avoid the crowds.  Bigger cities might even offer tours.  (New Orleans and Boston have great tours.)  Also a must place to stop if you love to take black and white photos.


  1. London's Highgate Cemetery is a big tourist attraction, due to the sometimes outlandish, almost always well-made, markers, tombs, mausoleums, etc.; they even charge admission. Nearly as interesting is the West Brompton Cemetery (also in London), which is wide open and carries no fee.
    Closer to home, there's a great cemetery in Brooklyn (wish I could remember the name) which has been a popular picnic spot since Victorian times.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I was also out at Cedar Hill in Hartford this past weekend, they do a few different tours a year there and many of CT's noteables are burried there.


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