Friday, September 14, 2012

56 Years of Charm on the Side of the Road!!

Food Review

Bob's Clam Hut
Route 1, Kittery ME

So, on my first ever trip to Maine my folks and I made a food stop at Bob's.  The place has been there since 1956 and my folks hadn't been there in over a decade, but they loved it so much they knew we had to go this time around.  It is located right in the heart of all that great Kittery shopping and is an open air restaurant with a beachy feel to it with tons of out side seating.  A bit deceiving from the front, but the seating wraps around the back.

Well, you walk up to the menu board in the open area, they have it all but mostly seafood with lots of options to fit every appetite.  From full dinners, sandwiches, baskets that include fries to great things on rolls.  You place your order then check out the awesome decor of facts, signs, photo ops and more while you wait for your number to be called and you pick it up at a window. 
Now,  I'm boring and I just got a hot dog, as I don't do seafood.... it was plump and juicy and yummy for sure, with fries and they have a condiment bar around every corner that has half-sour pickles, my favorite!!  But you want to know about the seafood... well my mom had a scallop roll basket, it came out over flowing with scallops and lots of perfectly cooked fries.  Dad opted for the lobster roll basket, there was tons of lobster and just the right amount of mayo. 

Dad's Lobster Roll

Even though they were packed we were able to find a picnic table in the back under a shady tree.  A hot spot for families for sure, they have painted cut outs where you can take your pic in a clam or a lobster!  The staff is very friendly and never too busy to chat or help. 

For a girl who doesn't do seafood, I was still pleased with this stop, I am glad that I didn't miss out on this charming hot spot that lets you finish off your meal with cool soft serve!!

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