Friday, March 23, 2012

A Food Review
Brass City Diner
998 Wolcott St., Waterbury, CT

I had to go “on the road” for work last week, to the landfill in Waterbury (don’t ask), but I had the chance to stop for lunch at this local diner.  One of those shiny silver places with neon lights.  I love diners, any place I can get pancakes, a rib eye, a triple-decker BLT and baklava all at the same time is good in my book.  But I don’t set my expectations too high.

So I pulled into the spacious parking lot (that continues in the back), the staff was very friendly and accommodating as I was with a friend who has a large service dog.  They made us feel welcome and comfortable.  Place was super clean as were the bathrooms.

With a large menu there were lots of options, from all-day breakfast to sandwiches, Italian, larger entrees, salads, seafood, burgers and grilled pizza.  My friend had the chicken noodle soup which looked out of this world.  Big chucks of chicken and veggies with egg noodles.  He also had a grilled chicken sandwich that he said was tasty and juicy. 

I tried a hot dog, and it wasn’t just any hot dog.  They have 13 different kinds on the menu.  They take a split-grilled hot dog on a Torpedo roll and load it up in all crazy ways.  I had the Bacon Cheddar Dog.  Diced up crispy bacon with white and yellow shredded cheese.   It came with BBQ sauce, but I did skip it.  The toppings were heaping, the fries were cooked great and it also came with coleslaw.  Hot Dogs here include the American, Mexican, Portuguese, New York, Pizza, Chili, Guacamole and more.  If you like dogs, this is a great place to go. 

Though I do not get to Waterbury often, I would defiantly go again and recommend it to anyone in the area. 

 I swear that there is a Hot Dog under that pile of yummy-bacon-cheese goodness!

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