Friday, March 30, 2012

An Adventure to come…

“Not only is New York the nation’s melting pot, it is also the casserole, the chafing dish and the charcoal grill.”

 Mayor John V. Lindsay

Next week I am going on my first business trip, I will be going to a three day conference right in the heart of the most populace city in the country.  I have been there many times before, day trips, over nighters, tours, shopping… but this will be my first trip, ALONE.  Now, you know me – I have already made some plans outside of the work part of things.   I have my ticket to Newsies, my first Broadway show.  I want to check out my friends’ band one night and maybe hit Eatily for a bit of Italian food shopping.

But, I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about making this trip by myself.  NYC can be a bit intimidating.  Dragging luggage, catching cabs, did I pick the right hotel, the night life, dining alone.  Throw in over 8 Million people to dodge, watch or meet AND three days of conference – it’s a lot to think about.

So I will go into this adventure thinking positively.  I will expect no traveling mishaps, I will hope for a clean room with a decent view and I will use my many past trips to the city to make this one a great one… I have this vision of spending an evening with some of the folks from my conference, as they might be locals and want to see some of the exciting night life, but that I won’t know till our first day together.

Any last minute advice for me while I stay in the Time Square areas is always welcome and I am hoping to blog daily while I am there next week.  I am sure that my adventures will lend themselves to a few good lines to share with you all each day.

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