Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An unexpected gem

Worth the Stop

Our Lady of the Pines
US 219, Horse Shoe Run, W. Va

As we weaved our way through the hills of W. Virginia we stumbled across this sign on the side of the road that states:  Smallest Church in 48 States.  We passed the first sign as it seemed we may have been driving a bit too fast, but when we found the second entrance we took a right and headed straight for it.

Deep in the thick of tall West Virginia pines was this precious church with a towering steeple and beautiful stained glass.  Out front stands a stature of Mary and the front door of the church was unlocked.

This tiny church is a rustic 12 seater had Stations of the Cross along the tops of the beautiful stained glass windows.  The alter at the front is simply adorned with candles and a painting of the Last Supper on a cut of wood. 
Postcards by the front door not only make a nice keepsake of your visit but also tell the story (from the church’s point of view) of this quaint 288 square foot building.  Statues of the Holy Family can be found on the alter and the cross is handmade.

Outside the door is a lush green lawn and a charming well but the bonus surprise is the next door neighbor… just behind this church stand “the smallest mailing office” a tiny postal center with its own charm and humor.  (a sign inside reads:  Outgoing mail daily / Window service every Fri. the 13th / Parcel post Del. Feb 29th)

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