Friday, July 20, 2012

Going beyond the Red Meat

How to choose
Choices, Choices, Choices...
Red Meat eating in Manchester, CT

Did you know that Manchester CT has four restaurants that are known for their beef within a one mile radius (give or take)?  Looking for a steak dinner on any night is not hard to find in what used to be a center for silk, The Buckland Hills Mall area is now steeped in red meat and you have your choices.

Outback Steakhouse is known for its Australian flair and house seasoning.  Ted’s Montana Grill stakes it claim with Bison options.  Texas Roadhouse lets you pick your own cut from the butcher case.  LongHorn’s Steakhouse with its Western décor is the new kid on the block.  It is clear the options are plentiful, but what if you are looking to make a choice beyond the beef.  What makes each of these restaurants unique?

Let’s start with Outback, maybe the most popular of the bunch.  Every meal starts with complimenty warm bread and butter, yum.  Famed for their Blooming Onion appetizer (though I love the loaded cheese fries myself.).  Australian lamb is always on the menu and shrimp can be added to almost any meal for a minimal charge but one special thing might be the two page Glutton Free menu that is offered.  Not just a handful of dishes but a soup to nuts list that makes your mouth water.  Recently updated, Outback always seems to be striving for customer service and a fresh new menu.

Ted’s Montana Grill, located in the Evergreen Walk starts you with a tasty bowl of pickle chips and offers all of their burgers in a beef, bison or chicken option.  A one page menu features made-from-scratch comfort food including bison pot roast and their famed crab cakes.  The only steakhouse on this list with outdoor summer seating, this 10 year old franchise exposes guests to bison (healthier for you then even chicken) and has an old world feel.  Check out the soap in the restroom, Boraxo powdered soap in the dispensers.  Old feel for sure.

Texas Roadhouse, located by the movie theatre offers you peanuts at the front door and a view of the meat case where you can pick your own cut of meat before you even sit down.  Their soft, warm bread with cinnamon butter is a great start.  Fried pickles and combo plates are big here and so are the rib platters.  Throw those peanut shells on the floor, it’s encouraged here and get in before six for the early bird menu.  But what might set this place apart?  Their push for community service, from kid’s nights to welcoming home veterans and fundraising – this place likes to give back.  They used to do a show during the evening, waitstaff line dancing, but I don’t seem to see this anymore.

The new kid in the neighborhood is LongHorn’s and also the priciest of the bunch.  Check out the menu while trying their multi grain bread.  Known for their fresh (never frozen) meat, grilled to perfection with an array of seafood additions you can enjoy.  Often updating their menu, they seem to be as good at seafood as they are with meat.  Their relaxed western atmosphere sets them aside from the other steakhouses loud buzz.  A fantasic strawberry salad is a must as a side dish and their huge bar is a plus if you are looking for an after-work hang out.

All these great places will satisfy the carnivore in you, it’s just up to you to pick one.

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