Friday, July 13, 2012

Local Artisan = Wearable Souvenirs

A Gem

Oscar of New Orleans

While strolling the Market in the French Quarter on the hunt for souvenirs, I found this wonderful gem.  Oscar’s Originals are handmade pieces of jewelry that double as color works of wearable art. 

Metallic resign is hand cut, laid out and then melted together for 3-D pieces of always unique art.  Bright colors and playful designs draw your eye to his stand in a sea of vendors.  But it is the chance to meet the artist, Oscar Donahue III and to watch him creating more fabulous pieces that makes this visit special.

As a hunter for souvenirs that go beyond key chains and magnets, it’s vendors like Oscar and his craft that give me a take home that I can wear and talk to people about while I get to reminisce about the great places I have been.

As a fan of un-symmetrical earrings, this purchase was a must for me.  The pop of purple and the chips of color will allow me to wear these earrings with almost any outfit. (My photos do not do justice to the color.)

This multi layered broach shows clearly the whimsy that is reflected in all of Oscar’s art.  I love the fact that I can wear this pin in just about any direction.

If you are ever in the Market, I recommend a stop at Oscar’s, who is always willing to give you a great combo-pricing deal.  Can’t make it to the Big Easy, check out his website.

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