Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Talkin' bout cruisin'

My Thoughts

I have never been much the salt water girl, not a beach lover by any means and didn't know how I felt about the great expanse of the ocean.  But that didn't stop me from hoping a plane to Florida and getting on my first Carnival cruise.  I started with a Caribbean cruise on a moderate size ship, a window room on the back of the ship.

Relaxation, the whole point of a cruise.  This is the "new" 
Serenity Adult Retreat area - a quiet place, no kids aloud.
 I tried the lunch buffet, explored the ship and found a quiet section of deck to watch the world go slipping by and the ocean grew bigger.  I was HOOKED to say the least.  So, two cruise lines and 8 cruises later - I have to say, it is the best way for me to spend my vacation dollar.  So today's blog is about telling you the amazing parts of cruising so that I can get you as sucked in as I am.

The food, it's all about the food.  There is great food all day, in dinning rooms, room service, buffet lines, grills - you want it, they have something 24 hours a day.  Want to cruise without gaining too much weight - stick to the dining rooms (very well portion controlled and has a spa menu).  If you are worried about dress codes, don't be.  Carnival and NCL let you skip the suite and tie for khaki's and a polo (but you can dress to the 9's if you'd like.)

Entertainment is varied and impressive.  Most nights have a "big show" in the main theatre, but you can also find comedy shows, karaoke, trivia, classes, movies under the stars, music and dancing.  If you want to find a bit of quiet on a busy ship, find your way to the front of the ship on a clear night and watch the stars fill the sky while you listen to the water rush by.

You have to love the towel animals that are left in your
 room every day.  Cute!!
 Picking a room.  You want to pick a room that fits your needs and budget.  Don't plan on spending a lot of time there - an inside room will be economical and sufficient.  Want to watch the world go by with out other people, a balcony is for you.  Want to really spoil yourself - try an suite (not that I have ever been so cool.)  My favorite rooms are the balcony's off the back of the ship.  Yes, it is a hike from the elevators but it has it's perks.  Your balcony is never windy, you get to see where you have been and they are always deeper then regular decks.  I have had a corner wrap around on a Carnival ship once, now that was THE BEST!

Destinations... I will save those for another Thought.

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