Friday, May 25, 2012

How many magnets does one girl need?


A new idea for bringing home memories

I have a refrigerator full of magnets that I hardly look at anymore.  The cover the front of my freezer door and trail along the side panel.  I still have and wear the t-shirt that I got on my first big vacation… that first trip Heather and I took to England.  It is blue with a large white gargoyle face on it and it is from the city of Bath.  I also have about two dozen other t-shirts from places I have been that I have worn once or twice and I have never worn again, but they sit in a drawer, I hate to throw them away.   What is the point of having souviniers that I really doen't appreciate anymore. 

I think the change started in Paris, where I bought an umbrella with a Monet painting on it; I use it all the time.  Then out of necessity in Quebec City I bought another umbrella – yup, caught in a rain storm – this one with the city’s 175th anniversary logo on it.

9 & 4 - my Birthday.
So many people ask me why I have
earrings that say $4 ???

But my trip to New Mexico is where my shift in souvenir buying really happened.  I picked up this pair of earrings in a museum shop.  There are recycled typewriter keys, you could go through the basket and “make your own pair”.  I have worn them at least a hundred of times.  They are unique, conversation starter and a nice reminder of a great vacation.

So now when I travel I glance over the t-shirts, magnets and knickknacks.  I go looking for things I will wear more often, for me it is jewelry (like the black pearl pendant I got in Hawaii) or a great tote bag.  Something I can wear or use on a day to day basis that is more understated but long lasting.  Also, when I am on the hunt for jewelry, I try to buy from local artist, to get things I can’t get anywhere else.

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  1. I can still remember u picking out those earrings from a basket in the shop.,, good times !! Plus magnets are less expensive than t-shirts. One of your travel buddy's Edith


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